Episode #6: Liz Pimenta – Flying in the face of fear for LOVE

Years ago Liz was struggling with burn out and health issues. She needed a vacation from her life. She looked up an old friend who moved abroad and invited her to visit. Taking a leap of a faith AND facing an old fear, Liz went for it and journeyed across the ocean to find happiness and love all in one place. Come listen to how Liz not once, but twice was Guided to follow her heart.

Episode #5: When intuition saved a life! with Elisabeth van den Berkmortel -Vrouwengeneeskunde

This is an interview with Elisabeth van den Berkmortel of Vrouwengeneeskunde, www.vrouwengeneeskunde.nl

Elisabeth knew she was pregnant but the tests and doctors said she wasn’t. Listen to how the journey to Elisabeth’s pregnancy and “keeping” that pregnancy shows how powerful it is to TRUST and FOLLOW your intuition.

More about Elisabeth

Elisabeth started her career as an in-house lawyer working for big financials, but could not find fulfillment in that area of work. After she became a mother of 3 she decided to follow her heart, and change her career completely.

She became a reiki master, brought HypnoBirthing to the Netherlands, became a doula, yoga teacher and also completed her studies as acupuncturist, orthomolecular therapist, hypnotherapist & Mercier massage therapist. She even studied midwifery for 2 years, but since she had no intention of becoming a midwife she decided not to pursue that study.

The connecting factor in all her follow-up studies is the health and welfare of women.

By combining her vast knowledge and skills with her strong intuition, she knows how to tune into her client and to treat multiple levels simultaneously. As a result, the self-restoring ability of the body is reactivated and the client gets awareness and guidance so that she can also make the desired changes in her daily life.

Episode #4: Guided towards a “chance” encounter with Nathasja Gootjes

I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Nathasja Gootjes of Helderheid coaching, www.helderheid-coaching.nl. In our talk, she detailed out an event of guided intuition that when she got past her doubts and trusted her intuition it led her to a friend, a workshop, a new method she created and ultimately a business that aligns with her gift and the way she wanted to serve people.

Please come listen and find out what Nathasja has learned by listening and following her heart.

As mentioned in this episode, Nathasja has followed her heart and intuition by holding a women’s retreat this coming June!!  She has named this special retreat, the Sisterhood of LOVE 2018 retreat in the Netherlands! For those in the local area, this is an opportunity to experience Nathasja’s special method, workshops, connection and much more. Please find out more here: http://helderheid-coaching.nl/sisterhoodoflove2018/

Do you want to be GUIDED too? Wanna know how to get started?

If you are longing to start living a life that is guided  by following your heart, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place! The first step in beginning to develop a connection is to get still and listen, on a daily basis.  YEP I’m gonna say it. That means, meditation! 

What’s that you say?  You don’t know “how” to meditate.

No PROBLEM! In the Full Heart Meditation online program, I guide you through a visualization to help connect you back to YOU and your heart and allow for a few minutes of quiet so you can “hear” your answers.

Find out more about by clicking on the button & get started TODAY!

Guided the podcast #3: Interview with Saskia Baardman

Today I had the honor and privilege to interview Saskia Baardman of the I-Opener, www.i-opener.com. She is also now a teacher at Intuitieve Opleidingen in Utrecht. So, she knows her STUFF!

We met a few years ago at a networking event for This Woman’s Work (formerly WE Club Utrecht). We have been friends since that first event. In that time, I’ve come to know her gifts and talent for helping others with her intuitive readings. It was so wonderful to dive in further with her about how this journey unfolded into her career. She actually makes a distinction between intuition, following your heart and the third eye in the podcast. Grab a cup of tea, open up the podcast and listen to what Saskia has to share. If you like what you hear let us know. We sure had a GREAT time making this one!


Episode #2: Pauline Siebers returns for Mindfulness and Intuition

Here we are again, Pauline Siebers and I, talking about intuition.  I find that our talks are never finished because so many things come up while we are in it. Each interview that we’ve had, have been spontaneous and literally led by our intuitions.  In today’s podcast, what I found really important was how mindfulness played a big part in how Pauline developed her intuition.  What I realized after talking to Pauline that a few steps emerged in how you might discover your own intuition:

  1. Begin a daily practice of being still/quiet (examples: meditation, prayer or mindfulness).
  2. In having a daily practice you will begin to become aware of thoughts, feelings, and things you may have otherwise ignored before in your life.
  3. This awareness will bring you in touch with your intuition. Intuition can be many things like, knowing a friend is going to call, having a vision of a new business idea, or a romance that is coming for you. It takes some practice and understanding as it is different for all of us. In this podcast, Pauline explains how it works for her.  I hope it inspires you to find your way to  your own intuition.


Episode #1: Pauline Siebers: An inspired place to call home.

Following a recent intuition, I decided to start a podcast where I interview inspiring women who followed their hearts and their intuition. I believe in the power of storytelling. The right story can motivate any of us to move ahead with that idea, project, new career if we allow it. Sometimes it only takes an inspiration but most of us need some other motivators like only a good story can do.

As a coach, I listen and witness many women’s journey through self-discovery and transformation into being who they really wish to be. I am often inspired by them. With this podcast, it is my hope that these stories will also offer you some inspiration by hearing the beauty of another’s journey into bravery, trust, and inspiration. We are amazing and beautiful when we believe in ourselves.
Introducing Pauline Siebers. She is the embodiment of inspiration as she lives by her gut feelings and follows her heart even when it seems the most difficult choice. When Pauline went on a vacation with her then boyfriend, what she found was a new place to call home.  Come listen to how Pauline followed her heart and was guided towards this dream location 2 years later.