Episode #18: How her courageous heart led her around the world – Maggie Giele

Featuring Maggie Giele

“But in the end I had this strong gut feeling. No I have to go. This is what I need to do.”

Maggie started her life in Prague, Czech Republic. At the ripe old age of 3 her world tour began. Moving to and living in cities such as: Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Palo Alto. It wasn’t until age 9 where they settled for Singapore. She attended AND matriculated in the local school system standing out, naturally, because of her blue eyes and blonde hair! No way could she hide when her homework wasn’t handed in. Later this fast-paced & competitive environment, which includes Formula One cars racing in the background, proved to be, isolating for Maggie. She wanted to discover more even when life was looking okay, or just fine as it was, some might say.  This is where her story really gets interesting! 

Maggie certainly knows how to face fear with a courageous heart and work beyond her limitations. Tune in to find out how she,

  • finds a University to accept mid-term!
  • moves her family across the world and changing climates
  • learns she has ADD and finds her way to manage it
  • re-calibrated her business after a debilitating burn-out

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Do you have a story about how you followed your heart?

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Episode 17: When you surrender to your passion over fear – Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Featuring Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Here is a woman who has seen it all and still landed on her feet. At an early age, she developed a love for travel. “I blame this on my parents,” is how she remembers it. Her fascinating story unravels several things that really gets you to the core of who Maria-Ines is and how she has come to rely on herself with each transition in her life.

“Because the passion was bigger than fear that, you know, any situation could have given me.”

During this interview she shares how she went from studying architecture to becoming a humanitarian. How she moves from Venezuela to Washington D.C. and working on assignment in Nigeria. And then in a major turn of events how she followed her heart and bought a one-way ticket into a WAR zone!!!!!

Through it all she stayed the course by following her passion (and heart) by leaving her fear behind. Take a journey into Maria-Ines’ world and hear her words,

“I truly, very strongly believe that if you educate women you educate a society.

To connect with Maria-Ines and her work please find her here:


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Episode #16: What is the Imposter really telling us?

In this podcast I’m joined by a fellow coach, Eva Visser Plaza of Eva Authentic Living. We walk through the landscape of Imposter syndrome, what is it, how we feel about it for ourselves, and how we work inside this concept with our clients, also how we learn from our clients.

Some common points that both Eva and I have are:

  • How the word SHOULD shows up
  • Often we are striving to fit in
  • we both feel the EGO is not something to rid yourself of.
  • we agree it’s more situational and less like you have a disease

Mid-way through this podcast, Eva shares with us a story that transformed herself and how she approaches things with her client. What came out of the learning was a powerful technique that she uses on herself, her clients and NOW she is giving it to US. Please click the listen button for this episode on What the Imposter is really telling us?


We want to know: What ways do you see the Imposter appear in your life? Would this tool that Eva gives help you to tame it?

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Doing hard things in relationships, how to do it in a loving way.

“But I believe in the spirit of all people. And I don’t think that people do things to hurt you, specifically.”  

How do we have the hard conversations with those we care about in a loving way?  

This podcast explores my struggle with being loving while saying something is not okay by me. As I work through this and I recognize again this is the work of boundary setting again…I talk about Brene Brown’s work and her talk about the Anatomy of Trust. She pens it with a lovely acronym we can all remember: B.R.A.V.I.N.G. The first letter, is my focus point, always: Boundary setting. I think it comes up in different ways to show me that the work here is never ever officially done. It is important to recognize that the more we grow and expand into who we are, the boundaries will be needed to held up by you.

The thing that anchors me in is when I realized this…. “It is not selfish to stick up for myself. To let others know that this is not okay.”


We must always remember that relationships are a dance. But sometimes you must take the lead and teach the other how to dance with you.We teach people how to treat us. And when you stop and think about how you are in relationships it is important to ask yourself: How am I showing or letting others know how to treat  me?


What are your thoughts on saying the hard things in relationships? How did you find a loving way?

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When feeling rejected, can love be found?

HOW in the world does any of us get beyond feeling REJECTED?!

Well, it’s all about where the rejection originates. In this podcast I reflect on how and where it does originate in this one example, which is my own. What is key here is to ask:

Are you really being rejected or just feeling that way?

An important distinction to make.

Getting beyond the feeling takes time and giving it space. It is a process of healing. And you can almost never speed that up. Especially if it is a pattern in your life. But what can you do now?
You CAN do this one thing today, tomorrow and the day after that…you can see your way through it by understanding where you need to love yourself MORE. AND GIVE IT.

Lots of it, my friend.


Hey how did this episode hit ya?

Rejection is hard, and can feel lonely. So let’s not be lonely…connect with me by sharing what you are feeling on this topic? Find love here. <3

Got Twenty?

You are a busy woman. You can’t spare too much time between getting the kids off to school & managing your career or business. And even so, you are aware that the clock is running out on your vision. The vision of your life and how you want it. You want more EASE, feel MORE Confidence, and ready to make your move effortlessly.
You can feel it in your heart but haven’t found a way to make it happen. Probably because you feel you don’t have the time!

Time out & take TWENTY. Gift yourself twenty minutes & have a free call with me, a heart-whispering self-love coach. Come discover what IS possible by getting super clear on how to take the necessary action to get your vision up & running. Make Time your friend BEFORE its up

Episode #13: This is the biggest killer to your true self.

“There is freedom in breaking the molds. There is freedom in knowing who you truly are.”

In this podcast, I continue to explore the topic of self-worth. I bring up the one thing that seems to really kill our sense of self: Conformity! This automatic program which was installed at a very young age; the age we go to school.

I talk about my thoughts on when my child began school and how I can see it change her. It is the institution where you hear your teacher say things like, “No speaking out of turn.” “Stay in line.” This all is meant to control any chaos all the while using labels to categorize children into bad vs. good. Shaming children to conform to a social norms from the “leader” at the front of the room. This archaic institution…how does it still stand in this time of technological advancements? Maybe like me, you too struggle with this as a parent.

We’ve conformed in order to fit into a society that ultimately doesn’t include us women equally. Though a bit more than others I recognize. All this comes by making us swallow the poison of the worst distortion of womanhood…be a “good girl”. Now in my mid- 40’s I’ve been working on myself, & coaching others, to break from those poisonous conforms of society to allow for our true selves to shine. Hopefully allowing me to guide my daughter to not “FIT IN” but express from her truest self.

Conformity has led us to forget that we have our own voice. And it has created us to become insecure in relying on our own voices & hearts.