The truth about dust bunnies & self-worth.

While pushing the vacuum cleaner, lying on my belly, fighting an army of dust bunnies a thought occurred to me, “I would really love to have someone else do this for me.” Perhaps it was that particular fight or because it was the day before my birthday, but it is when this thought arose that led to me wondering, “Why haven’t I given this to myself?”

In this podcast I talk about self-worth in a way that I think we all go through. It isn’t a set or fixed thing. It is changeable according to circumstances, situations, and needful things. I think we don’t talk about self-worth in this way. Mostly because how many people do you know are willing to fess up and say, “My self-worth is really at an all time low.” Most of us want to self-preserve & protect our pride. And we protect our pride then we sacrifice a real conversation about how we value ourselves. What happens when you qualify things you want by asking “Do I need this?” Does this ultimately cut into your sense of self-worth over time?

This is an eye-opener in the practice of self-love.  It takes some humility, vulnerability, and awareness to see where you may be falling short. But once it is seen you can change it.


Is it time to take stock of your self-worth? Could it be getting in the way of what you truly want in your life?

Are you ready to change that?

If you are answering YES to these questions, then I would like to invite you to have a chat with me about it. It is my specialty to see you as you truly are & approach your concerns with an open and loving heart. I coach women to listen, trust and follow their hearts. If you are ready for a talk about what you want to bring into your life then please schedule 45 minutes with me.

Guided episode #11- Going deeper into the meaning of words

After a long break I’m back to share with you my renewed vision of Guided. It includes more discussion on what it means to be Guided. I hope to take us beyond the stories I’ve shared of others and open up a new conversation allowing us to dive into those mysterious places of intuition and “knowing”. 

This episode I discuss some buzz words that tend to be vague in the transformation biz.  Words (phrases) like “wanting more”, “purpose”, “true self”, “being present”. Words sometimes miss the fullness of an experience. I hope that this talk begins to bridge us from a meaning of a word from something logical to something that is experienced and felt. Words can sometimes fail us because of perceptions, belief systems and prejudices. When we talk about things like transformation it goes beyond words. 😉 


What do you think?

Do you know what it is to be fully present?

How do you describe being your True Self?


Guided Episode #10 – How I flourished when I stopped trying to fit in.


“Your first impression is your ONLY impression.” Petra Fisher, talking on your presence on LinkedIn.


Petra and I met a few years ago when I attended a great workshop of hers on LinkedIn.  At the event I really got a feel of who Petra is, and she does not disappoint. Fun, sarcastic and just straight-forward about the things that matter the most: YOU and bringing out who you REALLY are in your LinkedIn profile. You could say we have this, being true to yourself, in common.

During the interview she even makes me more aware of how I’m not showing up in my profile! YUP the interviewer becomes the interviewee.  I left it ALL of that in, including our funny false start. You see, it wouldn’t make sense to edit out what makes this truly authentic with a woman who embodies that to the very core of her essence. So, in honor of that I kept it REAL & true to us both. Enjoy.

In this interview you will find out,

  • Petra’s journey in becoming a business owner while holding down a job.
  • How work environment doesn’t align with her personality
  • What she discovered by wearing jeans instead of a suit
  • The one time she took a job but it wasn’t quite her thing.
  • Using her strategy of following her heart (in her words, gut) in chosing how she wants to work (or IF she wants to that day), who she wants to work with, etc…
  • That being herself instead of playing a role made her work feel like magic.

More about Petra:

Petra has been featured on local TV and podcasts around the globe

She shares her tips freely through her blog (when she remembers)

You can also connect with Petra,
Facebook LinkedIn,


Heart is where home is: Allison Hamilton-Rohe Episode #9

Allison and I met here in the Netherlands in 2014-ish.  Instant friendship from the first minute! You know how when you have a friend you really admire…that is Allison for me. She runs her business from her heart and soul. AND she brought that to this episode of Guided too! 

In our 40-minute plus interview she shares her journey,

  • Of becoming a parent to an Autistic child
  • Losing her mother suddenly
  • Living in a foreign country during all these transitions.
  • Of rebooting her business several times throughout this journey and how she felt about that.
  • Of hearing the heart calling her home in time to be with her father before his passing.

Allison is a natural planner and in this interview she makes a few admissions about how she was required to listen to her heart and not always fall back on a plan. That it isn’t something you can plan for that trusting it is often the hardest part. And she says,

“It gave me strength and courage to listen to that voice and double down on it.”

This interview has something for everyone. Grab your headphones, a good cup of whatever you love, and listen how Allison found that Heart is where her home is.

Episode #8: Ana Tabain: Daring to be different led me to living my life of purpose.

Ana Tabain always knew she wanted to be a teacher.  She dared to move to a city on the other side of her home country, then to the UK, and to the Netherlands following her heart for a better way of living.  Against all evidence of having a life that most wanted, she and her partner constantly question the status quo.  Living life with purpose includes being daring and finding what works well for them in the time and place they are living.

“I’m not going to wait for things to manifest in my life.  I’m going to get them.”

Ana’s life is a marvel of adventure based on her willing to ask and daring to be different from what she was raised to be.  Listen to her amazing story of how she is continuously guided.
You can find out more about Ana Tabain and her work here:
For daily inspiration on holistic living follow Ana on Instagram @ancientwisdom_for_modernliving

Do you want to be GUIDED too? Wanna know how to get started?

If you are longing to start living a life that is guided  by following your heart, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place! The first step in beginning to develop a connection is to get still and listen, on a daily basis.  YEP I’m gonna say it. That means, meditation! 

What’s that you say?  You don’t know “how” to meditate.

No PROBLEM! In the Full Heart Meditation online program, I guide you through a visualization to help connect you back to YOU and your heart and allow for a few minutes of quiet so you can “hear” your answers.

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Episode #7: Sundae Schneider-Bean: Taking a LEAP without a net!

There is no place in Sundae’s life that she doesn’t follow her heart.  She truly lives by it and you will experience this when you listen to this podcast.  I have to admit there were so many good points she made in this interview that I had a difficult time writing a post for it.  Here are the highlights:

Sundae talks about how following your heart happens in the small moments not always in the big LEAP moments.  As Sundae calls it, it’s in the micro-moments.  When I asked her how she found her way to discovering these moments and tapping into her heart she tells a very open and honest story where she lost touch with her body.  This was her wake-up call to look within and do things like, self-care, ask for help, and being a good coach to herself.

 “I had to get a place of suffering before I discovered these strategies.”

She realized that the job she was in was going against her integrity.  She wasn’t directly impacted but she could see that this wasn’t in alignment with who she is.  She made the decision to leave and followed her heart to new opportunities.

It was at this time that she decided to follow a new career path that had no career opportunities in Switzerland for this field. But she went for it and later her dream job found her because of the very education she obtained!   AND BONUS she was also able to ask for what she needed so she could still be with her brand new baby.

“I said YES to my heart and allowed myself to trust that I would find a way.”

Later she tells this story about her Dad.  He said to her once, “Sundae, I really don’t know, if you are really stupid, really smart, or god-damn lucky.” Using her Dad’s logic, she submits…

“It is really a dumb idea.

  • To get a degree in something that does not exist
  • To marry guy from around the world.
  • To quit a lifelong career at the 2nd largest company in Switzerland to pursue a new career and become an entrepreneur. “

This is not to say any of this was easy for Sundae.  She reminds us that it is HARD EARNED for a reason.

Sundae says quite powerfully:

“One of the things that I am so passionate about is about living my life with purpose and with meaning not with what other people think I should do and what I could do.”

She gives a lovely example of how you get to this place of living a purposeful and meaningful life.  It is the difference between feeling pushed versus feeling pulled.  She used this lovely metaphor, “It feels like a cord coming from my heart into the world pulling me towards it.”  A quote she uses as a mantra to guide her: If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

One thing is for sure, and as you can see in this post, Sundae is truly inspirational because she lives bravely, passionately and by her HEART allowing it to guide her way.