Love Story- how I made it over the ocean!

Love Story- how I made it over the ocean!

DSC_6711In 2008, early morning on Thanksgiving day, I arrived in the Netherlands for a two week visit with a friend.  After a visit to town, jet lag set in and I needed to get a little rest.  Ten minutes AFTER I stretched out my legs, the doorbell rang and then he entered the room…  This is how my Love story started.  Go to the video to get all the dirty details!


International Family Fair!

International Family Fair!

Digiflyer_IFF15Raising children in a foreign country is not easy, especially if the language is unfamiliar. Finding confidence, building a support network and feeling comfortable in family lives abroad are top priorities for international families. The International Family Fair is here to help internationals navigate the Dutch parenting waters!

This fun and informative event on November 8th promises to be a great day for the whole family. Parents can roam the information market with 45+ exhibitors showcasing their services for the family or join one of the workshops on parenting, raising international children or understanding the Netherlands. At the same time, children can enjoy a fun kids’ program with workshops and ongoing activities. For the youngest children, free professional daycare services are available.

I will have a booth at this fair!  Come meet me, have a mini-session, and see what I can offer.  I hope to see you there.

Date: Sunday, November 8th
Location: Het Koorenhuis (Prinsegracht 27, The Hague)
Info & pre-registration:

The IMPACT of Coaching

The IMPACT of Coaching

This is #2 on the Top Ten things I learned by giving 100 free sessions.

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I discovered that this can also be a topic that is held solely by the client’s perception.  While that is true, there are all kinds of impacts that maybe can’t always be measured but definitely can be seen. I saw when someone went from “gloom and doom” talking to “HIGH-energy -yeah! I’m excited about this” talking.  That energy lifts the client UP and sometimes out of their chair.  I love being a part of this kind of immediate impact.  It’s the place where magic can happen and possibility is available.  If we are talking about problems, well, we will only find problems.  But once you have a conversation with a smile or energy shift that is when things can move forward.

In a session, I look for these opportunities to show the client the difference and how this is readily available to them.  Once in the possibility mindset, we as a team can brainstorm new ideas and find a way to work towards their goal/dream.  The impact can be magnifying in one session, but a whole six months can be life altering.  Especially if you have a goal of leaving your current job to find the work of your dreams.  As did one client of mine have.  I’m happy to say that is the life she is living, doing what she loves.  Other clients in my journey of 100 found excitement by building new things, rearranging and cleaning out an office space, some rid themselves of toxic relationships and got really clear what was important to them by living by their values.  Most of these all happened in one single session.

How does this happen?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  In coaching, we open the doors to people’s dreams.  We actually have conversations about those dreams.  Let’s face it most people don’t get to talk about their dreams on a day-to-day basis.  When there is someone so focused on YOU and your dreams, listening to what you believe and value, there is something that happens that brings about change and makes an impact for life.  If we all paid attention to each other this way, well, I’d be out of a job, but the world would change.

When we were children we talked this way:

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?” says one child to the other.

The other answers, “I want to be a firewoman with a tutu on because I think fighting fires should be magical.”  The first child simply nods.  There are no judgments because everything is possible to them.

This is why I set this topic as number two on the top ten.  I experienced it over and over in every session with each and every client.  Some impacts were bigger than others, but there was always the presence of one.  It makes this work so worthwhile and fulfilling.  I get to see how the impact has opened up this person in a way that I know they will never forget.