When you are reaching for a goal, what makes you unstoppable?

“In the QUEST towards any goal or dream in your life this is key: You must love & believe in yourself wholly.”

This may not always be apparent to most of us.

What is it to truly love yourself & believe yourself when you have a goal you are reaching? Does this mean it must be a constant and if it isn’t you should just give up now?

Most of us understand or know that you must believe in yourself. But love yourself?  Where does that fit in here?

When reaching for a goal or a big dream there is no straight path to succeeding. You must be prepared for fall backs, unforeseen events & obstacles, and a whole lot of challenges. These things are meant to strengthen your resolve to keep climbing up that mountain until you reach the top. But,

Would if you falter? Would if you hear the voices that beat you down that make you think in fact, you can’t do it? Who is gonna save you? Who is gonna get you through it when you are on the side of mountain, by yourself, holding on for dear life?

Here is where the love comes in.

You must be prepared to love yourself through the darkness. You must be able to self-motivate so that you can continue on and get back on course. When you fully love yourself through any type of achievement, goal or big dream you become resilient, a warrior, confident and self-assured. When your inner love is activated and strong, a wisdom comes to supports you and guides you towards your dream. 

There will always be these challenging moments along the path to success. But when  you are strong inside and love & believe in yourself wholly, when you finally grab that goal, reach that big dream or the get to the TOP of that mountain…

You will know you can do anything you want in this life. Because…You are unstoppable. 

Looking for a Few Good Women

I am doing some market research on my business & I have questions like this:

What do women really think about following their hearts and self love? 

And a few more questions like the one above. I am looking for a few good women who would be willing to jump online for a 30 minute interview.

There is no ickiness sales ploy here. If you are a woman who is willing to help me, I will give you a Top 5 Value assessment as my gift to you for helping me answer some questions related to my business. This value assessment exercise is the most valuable part of my coaching business!!!  It’s practical & useful for anything life throws at you. Once we sort out your top 5, I will show you how to use it with a live example in your life. Then you can know how to reflect on life’s questions when things feel off.

When you know your top 5 values & how to use them in your life, well my friend, you’ve tapped into your greatest resource, your heart. And that will make you unstoppable

Who am I looking to interview?

If you are:

  • woman (over age 20)
  • spiritually-minded
  • committed in anything you set your mind on
  • confidence could use a boost
  • you have burning desire to make a change in your life but maybe haven’t found a way or time.

If you hit all or most of these characteristics please sign up for a call.

Episode 17: When you surrender to your passion over fear – Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Featuring Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Here is a woman who has seen it all and still landed on her feet. At an early age, she developed a love for travel. “I blame this on my parents,” is how she remembers it. Her fascinating story unravels several things that really gets you to the core of who Maria-Ines is and how she has come to rely on herself with each transition in her life.

“Because the passion was bigger than fear that, you know, any situation could have given me.”

During this interview she shares how she went from studying architecture to becoming a humanitarian. How she moves from Venezuela to Washington D.C. and working on assignment in Nigeria. And then in a major turn of events how she followed her heart and bought a one-way ticket into a WAR zone!!!!!

Through it all she stayed the course by following her passion (and heart) by leaving her fear behind. Take a journey into Maria-Ines’ world and hear her words,

“I truly, very strongly believe that if you educate women you educate a society.

To connect with Maria-Ines and her work please find her here:


Do you have a story about how you followed your heart?

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What is your mission in life?


I remember when I was younger I always found the question, where do you want to be in the next 5 years?, frustrating and oh, a little irritating. It was usually only asked in job interviews. Which made it even worse because you had to temper it against the actual job you were going for and figure out how you might sound, say, if you really wanted that person’s, the one who is interviewing you, position. You don’t want to come off as TOO ambitious or full of yourself, right?😉

That’s not an easy situation or question neither is this what’s your mission question. It takes careful consideration & reflection. And often, it requires help and a sounding board to find it. Especially if for awhile now you have been doing things, such as staying with that job in that company that you don’t love, that aren’t necessarily in alignment with your values or your mission.

But if you don’t know what your mission is how then do you find it?

You start by listening to your heart.💓 What makes you fill up with joy? When you are doing that thing, does the time disappear? These questions are a start and how you answer them are clues. Once you know your mission, life gets easier, decisions become clearer and things get more FUN!


Want more help on finding your mission?

Oh hi there! If you are wondering, What is this that I’m scheduling?, then let me help a little more here. This thing would be, will be, is a 20-minute virtual call with me (the chick in the photo above with the red dress & leather jacket on) to talk through what Your Mission in life is. So you can gain a clearer picture on it, and to find out..hey maybe it is time for me to dig deeper, start moving towards that mission and find ways to live it all the time! Essentially this is a call to see if my coaching might be what your life could use right now to get you to where you are ready to go.

Sound cool? Ready to do it? I’d love to meet you. If yes, then click the button, schedule the call, find out what your mission is and to find out if we fit as a team to work together. Because it’s my mission in life to help you find yours