Get what matters most to YOUR heart without spending loads of time & money!

Are you feeling like it may be time to get started on something that your HEART longs for but you just are not sure where to start?


  • You don’t have lots of TIME
  • OR LOADS of cash/money
  • You are not ready to start with a coach
  • You want to preview anything before you do purchase and,
  • You want to have the choice of doing it in the privacy of your own home and not in front of stranger(S) or join any groups


You’ve come to the RIGHT place because…

Every Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. Central European Time (use for your time zone), you can join me on a Facebook LIVE where I talk about the fully downloadable, online Full Heart Meditation program.  A program designed for the woman who doesn’t have a lot of time or resources to get started with a coach, who wants to take things at her own pace, and is READY to start moving towards her DREAMS!

A new topic each week right out of the online course!

October 16 – Career

October 23 – Friends & Family

October 30 – Significant Other &  Romance

November 6  – Fun & Recreation

November  13- Health

November 20- Money

November 27 – Personal Growth & Development

December 4 – Physical Environment

December 11 – Lifestyle

Oh and did I mention each LIVE is only 20 minutes of your time?  I realize we have lots going on.  For most of us, night time is when we like to decompress.  So with that in mind,  I take 10 minutes, roughly, to talk about the topic of that day and the other 10 are just for YOU and your questions or thoughts AND ideas. ANYTHING can happen when we open the door to our hearts.

So….are you ready to join me every week?

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Feeling Triggered? This video can help!

When we are triggered it means there is an old story at play. This is a great time to take stock on your life and discover what caused a reaction in you. It takes awareness, slowing down and NOT reacting to that person or situation.  Which is hard when you are triggered!  When you do take time more often you will begin to understand that the trigger shines light on somewhere in your life where you are rigid.  You know, stuck in your perception on a topic. Once you know what it is then you can heal it by changing your response to it.
You are probably thinking…uh but, that seems to be hard to figure out on your own?
You are right, it can be hard on your own.
GOOD NEWS! I am offering a weekly Facebook LIVE on Tuesdays to help uncover these hidden triggers and tap into your heart space more.  Each week a new life area.  All of this is based on my online program, Full Heart Meditation.
The LIVE show STARTS tonight with CAREER as our first topic.  I know that use to be a BIG trigger for me!
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Now take a peak at this video!


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Need more help? Join my Facebook LIVE tonight, and for the next 9 weeks, to learn how the heart can answer some of these hidden triggers!
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JUMP! for my love!

Jump!! For my love!  I’m a HUGE Pointer Sisters fan and thought it would be a fun way to “hint” at something I said in this video.  It started with this question:

If you have only 60 minutes and money is no object:  How would you spend your time? And WHAT would you do?

This is a great question to help access your true desires and hear what your heart longs for.  Your heart gives you hints on everything in life. Things like a new way of seeing a difficult situation, or sometimes it prompts you to go do that thing you want to do, or maybe it urges you to talk to that lady across the street so you can make a new friend.  But the heart whispers not yells.  So it takes practice in getting in touch with it. The results?  Well, the more you listen, and follow, the more you become someone who exclusively follows his/her heart.  And then you discover that life can be fun, full of adventure, and excitement! Desire more of those things? Then I would suggest using this question every hour and see where life takes you.

And hey if you do…tell me what happens.  I love to root for fellow heart followers!! <3

And if you are really curious watch the video and find out what my heart told me!  (GULP!).

HEART DISCLOSURE: No two hearts are the same.  
Results WILL definitely vary!!

Want more questions to help tap into your Heart?

If you are looking to hear your HEART more, the BEST way I know how to do that is to first get still and listen. The Full Heart Meditation program is NOW available to help you do just that!  CHOCK full of more inspiring questions just like the one above!

Cool, right?

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