These 2 tools really help in strengthening intuition and why.

Getting started with intuition it is ALWAYS good to begin with a these two tools to really strengthen your intuition. I dive deeper into each tool, one of which I mentioned in the last episode, and explain why they are such key players in connecting to your intuition.

The first tool I mention, again, is the journaling. This time I really explain the way to journal and why it is so impactful when you are connecting with your intuition. Then I talk about meditation. I know a lot of people who say that meditation is difficult for them but I offer a new way of looking at it and give an easy way to start.

I am curious,

What do you think about journaling & meditation?

Do you use these tools to tap into your intuition?

Are there others you use?

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When your intuition calls, do you pick it up?


We have been paving the way with this month’s theme of intuition. In the last episode I shared a story about how my intuition worked in a situation.

Admittedly, this story I shared is well, magical and amazing. In this episode I dissect it to show what were some key elements working in my favor. It helps to hear the story first. So please, go back and listen if you haven’t already. Here are the elements that are notable:

  1. I was a young girl.
  2. I was on vacation with my family. So, out of my daily routine of going to school.
  3. I was bored. Therefore I was open to different opportunities.

All of things made me more OPEN to listening to my intuition. Of course, most of us are not children now and we have real life distractions that take us away from listening, much less, trusting the messages our intuitions gives us. This is why we so often ignore it. But also, as I say in this episode, we have been trained away from it because we learned to value our intellects more. What can we do about it if we want to change it?

I offer a tip inside the show. Join me in this podcast and let me know your thoughts about your intuition.



Do you pick up the messages you receive from your intuition? Or is it always left unanswered?


Let me know in the comments.

Spelling towards your dream life.

For a few months now, I’ve been working with a Spiritual mentor in a Mastermind group. The work we do is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I have come to learn something really important about myself through these masterclasses and energy clearings. That is, what we say inside & out loud makes ALL the difference in the world when we are creating what we want.

I often would shortcut through finding the “right” words during a conversation, in service to getting to a place of mutual understanding. But it would often come to pass that NO one understood me. Not as clearly as I would like, any how. Then I just figured it was their limited ways of looking at the world. But in truth, it was always more about me than anyone else. It was about how I saw myself and how much I truly wanted to be accepted and seen. And since I had that end goal in mind, I would change my words to match that outcome and please those people or that person I was talking to.

But here is what I know now. The spell had its lasting effects and grounded into my being. Words really do have the power to create magic. It is about speaking truth, being clear, and most importantly, not giving them away so easily. They are spells we cast upon ourselves & into our world. It is why when you are writing a word they call it, spelling. It is in fact what you are doing.

How do you feel about words? Are you not that invested? Maybe you can see a little of what my post is showing? Let me know in the comments.

One story on how magical life gets when you trust your intuition.

When did you see intuition work for you?

This episode I tell a story of when I was kid at a campsite with my family and neighbors. I was bored and so was my friend. I got an intuitive hit and so much magic unfolded even I have a hard time believing what happened! Tune in to find out what happened. 

After you have listened come back. I would l really love to know,

Did my story ignite your own? If so, what story do you have to share?

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3 ways your intuition communicates with you.

In this episode of Guided, I launch the new theme of Intuition. I talk about the 3 ways that your intuition “communicates” with you in your body. When you think about intuition you may find yourself saying, “I knew it in my gut that something wasn’t right”, or “I followed my heart,” or “I just knew. I don’t know how it was just there.”  So I talk about where these feelings and thoughts reside in our bodies and how we can become more aware of when our intuition is in play so we can use it towards our daily lives. 

Do you feel your intuition in any of these 3 ways? 

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Want to venture deeper into your Intuition?

This month I’m holding a 3 day Quest to venture into the magic of your intuition.

It starts February 10 and ends February 13th.

Each day you receive a short video to cover the focus point of that day and later on you can we join together for a LIVE gathering in Zoom to discuss further that exercise/journal prompt for that day.

This Quest is great for those women who are looking to:

* venture deeper into their intuition,

* who want to meet more women that are also working on this, AND

* who want to have some FUN experimenting with our intuitions.