Hi there,

I am Susan de Vriend.

Several years ago, I moved to the Netherlands for LOVE. The journey of being an expat, looking for employment, getting married, and finally, becoming a mother required a lot of resilience, flexibility, and change that stirred so much up that most days I didn’t know who I was, or even, how to be ME.

I wanted to reconnect with myself. Find a way to make things feel more like ME while still living in this culture raising my family and strengthening my relationship with my husband. I knew deep down the answer could be found inside but…

Where could I start?

How could I find my voice in this new place? 

What did I want out of life that would fulfill me and support my dreams? 

I began my soul-searching by going online, looking for what kind of work could I do that would allow me to be home with my child AND fulfill me my dreams of helping others. Well, I think you all know where this is headed…I became a life coach! I’ve always wanted to support people in achieving their dreams. During the process of becoming a coach, I learned how to find my voice that seemed to be lost in “Dutchland”. It wasn’t always an easy process. I know how difficult it can be to break out of comfortable patterns, shift in perspectives and to dare to try something new. It’s how I got to the Netherlands in the first place. 😉 But what I discovered afterward is that every day can be more fulfilling even when the cards seem to be stacked against me. I can still be grounded and rely on my voice to follow my heart towards my dream life. And let’s be real, life will always find new ways to throw challenges and obstacles because that is how we grow. But it’s okay because I know that I have this grounded guidance inside me. This is how self-love coaching can work for you too.

It takes courage to notice and feel that right now is not how you exactly may want it, that things could be better than this, and stand up for yourself and your dreams! If you are ready to follow your heart, I’m here to listen, coach and support you!