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This program is for you if you are a Business Mom – A mom running a business or having a full-time career.  You are working in a career oriented field or building a business. You may have been struggling to move up on that success ladder or find purpose in your business life.  Time is a bit of a struggle and you are constantly balancing between your responsibilities and roles as a life companion, mother, and business woman!  Finding balance is one thing, feeling like it is what you are meant to be doing is another.  You oscillate between these roles and duties that sometimes make you wonder if you are feeling the happiness and fulfillment you really think you should feel.  “Is this it?”  Might be a question you might ask yourself.  Or you may say to yourself, “I have so much more I can offer and bring to the table.  They just don’t see it. “

Deep down you know that you don’t feel fully expressed and happy.  That is a difficult thing to accept because you are a woman who HAS IT ALL!  If you only knew what it was that wasn’t working you would fix it and move on.  That has always worked for you in the past.  But, you see, you have done everything they told you but you still feel this way and you don’t know why.

There is no other YOU in this whole world.  You need to stop letting others create a different version of you, informing you of who should be to “belong”.  Don’t let them tell you who you are!  Because you already know, you only need to be re-introduced. These are magical times we live in.  You want to change, become big, and do it on your own terms.  Our paths have intersected for a reason.  I am the one you seek to help you tune into your soul.  Your soul has been speaking to you all of your life.  

Now, is the time to celebrate your uniqueness and trust your soul & Inner Voice. Because it actually fuels the common good when you do.  We live in a global tribe of Humanity whereby your very unique talents, that magic that is in you craving to be expressed, must be realized so you can assist in creating powerful change on our planet.  That starts in your own life. Now.  

I look forward to helping you tune into your soul and ignite the magic within!



Program details

This is a 90-day program of one 3 hour mini -intensive and 9 one hour coaching sessions**.  There is a progression throughout the program that covers these main goals:

  • Uncover your Soul’s Voice/true self -learning to receive and take action on your Inner guidance and intuition.  Tapping into your own brand of magic by exploring your spiritual gifts.
  • Circle of Influence – Evaluate your environment and those who support you or may not be.
  • Accepting yourself- by letting go of judgment & fear of who you were “taught” to be, you will be able to embrace yourself in a new light and be ready to incorporate that part of you more in your life.  You will do this by making intuitive decisions, and be clear about your preferences and taking a stand for who you are.  Living in your truth as they say.
  • Boldly express who you really are! – living by your soul’s desires will bring opportunities in your life that seem almost magical. You will feel your life have new purpose and meaning.

**This program can be designed to be for 6 months to take things at a much slower pace.

Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve been working on learning to live life more intuitively.  The first step I did to discover how I could best do this was in Dutch. What became apparent to me was that all things to do with me personally, energy, feelings, spirituality etc. didn’t resonate as well in Dutch. As a native English speaker, a lot of “looking inwards” is better done in my mother tongue.  I received an hours free coaching from Susan, by the end of the coaching session, there was a “click” and it just felt right to carry on where I’d left off, but then in English.  I decided there and then to sign up for the 6-month Love Yourself Free program. To be quite honest, I had no idea what I wanted to resolve, I just knew that I didn’t want to stay where I was. It was a spur of the moment decision and well worth the investment in myself!

My biggest learning that I had in this program was to discover that what I am doing now is what I am here to do according to my strongest values in life.  Reading the top 5 of the list again today as I write this my values are even more deeply ingrained than ever! Susan had to dig deep a couple of times and ask confronting questions. These questions unlocked feelings and creativity that had been blocked or suspended for various reasons. Each session was always a surprise.  What would we cover today and what would be the outcome?  Here, Susan worked intuitively and I trusted her 100%.

Since working with Susan, a positive energy has been released that has resulted in lots of new things happening in my life and new people entering into my life. I have been able to re-kindle my creativity including writing, cooking and thinking of new work initiatives. As far as work goes, my customers are finding me; in March [2017], 7 new customers already!

Susan is frank with you, honest in her approach, confronting when necessary (always checking first that you’re ok to receive positive criticism) Also room to laugh and enjoy the journey. And Susan is never alone …. always a team there to help her help you love yourself free.

Our paths crossed for a reason. I have found a peace and tranquility within. My spirituality has come on leaps and bounds and my creativity unleashed. I accept now more than ever that I am who I am and that’s just fine.  I have loved myself free!! Thank you, thank you, thank you


Gill Rees

Owner, Health & Fitness coach, Health Matters

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