Here I begin the conversation about the WORK I do as a self-love coach. Recently, I was on a business conference call while in a discussion, it occurred to me that it is not crystal clear how I work with my clients.   Inspired to educate the audience, I will deliver a series of videos and blog posts, where I tell you how this work, self-love coaching, can inspire change in my clients. Maybe you will be inspired too ;).


I coach Business Women, women who have a business or a career, to discover their inner confidence (soul’s voice) to create the life they want!  I talk to this more in the video about inner confidence, soul’s wisdom, all the buzz words of my profession.  We are in a time of really needing to evoke change and step into who we TRULY ARE.  To do that, I ask this question:

What part of your life do you feel you don’t OWN?

Whatever is the first answer, IS IT!  When I say “Don’t Own” I’m really saying doesn’t feel like you, or right to you.  You are not fulfilled in some way in your career, love life, health & body, physical surroundings (where you live), or maybe it’s all of it.  This is the first step in revealing what is needed more review.  There is something in this department of your life, an obstacle present that is asking something of you.  Asking you to make a change in some way.  Think about this for a moment.

Now you know what it is.  But so what?  Well, here’s where I help.  As a coach, I help my clients really look at that place. Find where they really truly AREN’T expressing themselves.  Believe me, there are all kinds of reasons we do it! We do it because of social conditioning because we feel not enough, we feel under-educated. On and on….

Don’t be fooled this work is on-going.  We are all finding our way to True Self and finding our VOICES.  Standing up and tall well, we didn’t learn how to do that.  But let’s take nature as an example here.  TREEs.  Of course, they don’t have that fight “Who am I?” because they know their purpose.  I use this metaphor about how they grow, reach it’s fullest potential.  Standing tall and radiating out oxygen into the atmosphere which helps us and the environment.  When you know who you truly are, you will be like the TREE, no question on who you are or what your value is.  You are standing tall, being YOU, and helping others by being that. YOU!



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