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Video Fail!

Due to a combination of technical problems, I was unable to deliver my Friday “film” for today. Have you ever had this happen?   You desperately want to make a change, create a new habit, build something new.  Then when the day, the moment, or the...

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FREEDOM – What does that mean to you?

Freedom! Recently, I found myself questioning the word, FREEDOM and what it meant to me. It is a little less like the movie, Braveheart’s FREEDOM and more about expressing myself the way that feels natural to me.  As I say in this video: The easy way and the...

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5 Steps for Busy Moms on creating a self-care ritual.

Here, we will explore this  topic of creating time for yourself. This is often a lofty concept for busy moms who are working at a company or running one of their own.   And yet, everywhere you look, it is all we are hear;  “Take care of you first.”...

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