Are you READY?

Something inside has been calling you to start NOW with that thing you want to do, or career you want to have, or that relationship you long for. But…you stay where you are, wondering “What am I doing or not doing to get this or that?” If you have been feeling that calling or urge to create new things in your life then THIS IS YOUR SIGN to start today. Because…

I’m creating something in my life RIGHT NOW!! I’m reaching for my professional credential of becoming a Certified coach. What does that mean? Well, it means that I will be recognized by the ICF (International Coaches Federation) as a professional in my field of coaching. As you can imagine that is pretty important to me. ūüėČ But in order to achieve it, I can’t do it alone. I must have a few clients to help lift me up to that place. Could this be you?

Working¬†with me as your coach, you get to reach for those things YOU LOVE and wish in your life, and you help me do and be more of what I LOVE!¬† (coaching if you hadn’t guessed ūüėȬ† ¬†).¬† Everybody wins!!

So, I’m asking you, are YOU ready now?¬† You only have to commit to having a free sample session.¬† If after your session, you feel that it is RIGHT and YOUR TIME IS NOW to live life ON PURPOSE, then…..we begin.¬† Click on the button to start with your session.

A few lovely words about working with me!

Susan has a warm and loving personality and helps you unclutter the stuff you’re dealing with. She offers you a new perspective that resonates with you.At the beginning (of our session), I felt like I didn’t want to talk about money (resistance), and at the end, it felt more spacious and flowing. And I remembered that I am already on the right track, I just need to embed it more. Susan helped me to see the bigger picture in a sparkling and down-to-earth way, and she had good suggestions (and English words :-))

Susan helped me focus on barriers related to starting my own business. She helped to identify ways to overcome these barriers and what to do to avoid them in the future. What I discovered about myself in my session is that I can do this! I have the ability and if I dig deep enough I have the confidence. At the end of my coaching session with Susan, I felt open, confident and more positive. I had direction and focus.

What is Self-Love?

Everyone has their own definition of self-love.  The one I use is about BEING who you were always meant to be.  Only YOU have the answer to that question and rarely can we find the answer on our own. This is where my coaching can support and guide you back to loving yourself to freedom! 

When you get in touch with that part of you that has been begging to be expressed, your life will be more powerful, more soulful, more creative, and more confident with little to no effort.  You will attract more into your life because when you love who you are then life has more value and meaning.  In these times, it is what is most needed.  We are all individuals who have special gifts to express in this world.  Now, it is time for you to step in, clear away the conditioning that you underwent from childhood, and begin from this beautiful place of self-love.  You can learn more about self-love by visiting my blog series here:

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