Are you ready to follow your heart?


Life is okay.  But you have this little niggle, an inkling, an intuition to get started on that thing that you always wanted to do.  That thing haunts you from time to time with words like,

“Write a book”

“Start a non-profit organization, or business”

“Build an afterschool program for kids”

“Support a movement on that cause you care about”

“Make a career change that compliments your values and supports your ambitions”

The voice echoes in your head and pulls on your HEARTSTRINGS.

Maybe you think you don’t have any time, or that you don’t have the right credentials or the resources, or that you can’t do it because you are needed at home?

Imagine what it would be like 5, 10, even 20 years from now if you don’t follow that intuition, niggle, itch or longing.  What does life look like?  Does it get better, stay the same or does it get worse?

Could it be time to take a step towards that inkling?


It’s my personal mission to bring that voice out of your head and heart. To help you find out if it’s time for that thing to be made, built,  or created and get it out into the world. 


A few lovely words about working with me!

Susan helped me focus on barriers related to starting my own business. She helped to identify ways to overcome these barriers and what to do to avoid them in the future. What I discovered about myself in my session is that I can do this! I have the ability and if I dig deep enough I have the confidence. At the end of my coaching session with Susan, I felt open, confident and more positive. I had direction and focus.

Susan has a warm and loving personality and helps you unclutter the stuff you’re dealing with. She offers you a new perspective that resonates with you.At the beginning (of our session), I felt like I didn’t want to talk about money (resistance), and at the end, it felt more spacious and flowing. And I remembered that I am already on the right track, I just need to embed it more. Susan helped me to see the bigger picture in a sparkling and down-to-earth way, and she had good suggestions (and English words :-))

Tel: +31 06 17 05 69 02