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My personal Hello and Welcome to you!

Hello. First, let me say Thank You!  You took the time to click on a link or two to come in here and take a look around.  I’m not sure what brought you here but I hope my welcome message will encourage you to stay a little longer!

Are you thinking:  What do I do now and where should I go next?  I’m here to help.   It depends on where you are at right now.  So,

If you are new to coaching please scroll down and find a few blog posts that you can read what coaching is, what method I use, what it takes to have a successful coaching partnership to reach your goals.  This helps you to discover if coaching is for you.When you read through these articles they should help you answer these important questions:

  1. Is this right for me?
  2. Do I know what I want to achieve?
  3. Am I ready to get the support I need to getting to that most desired thing in my life right now?

If you scroll further you will see the section about Self-love.  This is my particular style of coaching.  There are also blog posts for you to get familiar a bit more with the topic of what self-love is and how I specifically translate it in my own life and how it relates to you in yours.

Further down, you will see my newest LIVE workshop:  Love Yourself Confident.  If you live in the area and are available to attend please click on the button to book your place in this FUN workshop.

I encourage to take a trip around the site, leave comments, sign up for the newsletter and ask questions if you should have any for me then simply send them here:

THANK YOU for dropping in, reading my welcome letter, and cruising around my site.  I hope we will meet soon.



New to Coaching?

I think it is very wise to do your own research on coaching and decide if it can work for you in your life.  There are a lot of coaches out there and some of us use a similar method but approach things in different ways.

Coaching is like the perfect hairstyle or haircut, it all depends on if the hairdresser understands YOU, what YOU desire and brings that perfect look together.  You need to have a relationship with your hairdresser.  It is the same with coaches but with a much more precious commodity, YOUR LIFE!

The Value of Coaching

The Impact of Coaching

Co-Active Coaching

What it takes to be successful in Coaching: COMMITMENT!

What is Self-Love?

This is the art of really loving who you truly are and living life from that powerful place.  It is not conceited or egotistical.  It is actually what you should do first before moving forward in any way in life.  Check in with yourself: “Is this right for me?”, “Is this what I want for my life?”  When you learn to love yourself and listen to that voice, your life will be more powerful, more soulful, more creative, and more confident.  It will attract more into your life because when you care about yourself life has more value and meaning.  In these times, it is what is most needed.  We are all individuals who have special gifts to express in this world.  Now, it is time for you to step in, clear away the conditioning that you underwent, and begin from this beautiful place of self-love.

Being Not Perfect = True Self

Busy Mom Rituals – Making time for yourself!

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